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It’s an important day here at Code School. If you’ve been following along with the Google I/O conference in San Francisco, you may have heard we’re teaming up with Google and its Women Techmakers Program to support women and minorities in tech.

Specifically, Google is giving away thousands of accounts for three free months of Code School. Together, our goal is to invest in women and minorities so they can continue developing their technical skill sets. Having access to self-learning programs (such as Code School) is instrumental in that.


It’s no secret that diversity isn’t the tech community’s strong point—and we’re always looking for opportunities to help change that. Today, a quarter of IT roles are held by women, and African Americans only make up about 3 percent of scientists and engineers. These are just a few of the more sobering statistics. The situation is clear: we have a long way to go in order to create a diverse, open and inclusive tech community. And while there is no silver bullet, we’re excited to work with Google on this piece of the educational puzzle.  

We should note: this isn’t exactly a free for all; Google is distributing promo codes strategically at the conference and inside the community. But what this does mean is thousands of people interested in continuing their path with programming will have the ability to do so free of charge.

What also makes this partnership unique is that it supports people along their learning journey. We’ve seen a lot of efforts this year that focus on teaching newbies and kids to code. While this is necessary and tremendously important, there’s also the other end of the equation, which is supporting continuous learning for working and aspiring technology professionals who are pursuing technical careers. To that end, Code School offers a large number of courses that cater to intermediate to experienced developers (in addition to beginner courses). This includes a number of Google-related technology courses such as Shaping Up With Angular.js, Exploring Google Maps for iOSDiscover Drive and Discover DevTools.

If you’re a woman in technology and want to apply for a chance to take part in this initiative, visit the Women Techmakers’ application page and share what inspired you to join the technology industry. If you already have a code, you can redeem it on our website here.